Super Bowl 2020: Here Are All The Commercials From The NFL Game So Far

The NFL Super Bowl is coming on February 2, 2020, with the Kansas City Chiefs will be taking on the San Francisco 49ers in this year’s big game. But don’t use Madden to predict the winner of the big game, as it isn’t a smart idea. And while many people love football, there are plenty of people excited for the commercials. Every year, companies spend millions of dollars to air ads during the big game, and a few of them are already available to watch online.

Most of these commercials will try to make you laugh, even if it involves the death of a beloved human/peanut hybrid. Some of these commercials are meant to emotionally move you. But all of them are trying to sell you something, and again, these companies are spending millions to do so.

We’ve found a few of this year’s Super Bowl commercials, along with numerous teasers for others, and rounded them all up here for you to watch. Check them all out below, and we’ll keep updating this list with more as they are revealed.

Note: Many of the commercials below are teasers for the actual commercials for the Super Bowl. Some of these will hit early, and we’ll be updating them as the full commercials are released.

R.I.P. Fictional Peanut Man (Full Commercial)

Everyone is talking about the death of a fictional peanut man killed off on Twitter. However, there was video of it all going down, and in this 30-second commercial, Mr. Peanut sacrifices his life to help his friends. Then, his body is blown up.

Verizon 5G (Full Commercial)

Many Super Bowl commercials have a comedic slant. However, the Verizon Super Bowl commercial boasts the importance of the 5G network in order to help people, life a firefighter using the tech to be able to see through smoke.

American Heroes (Full Commercials)

Here’s another full Super Bowl commercial that’s a bit serious. This Budweiser spot showcases American heroes, which come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, etc.

American Heroes… Can Do Taxes (Full Commercial)

TurboTax is all about empowering the average American in order to give them the confidence to do their own taxes, which feels a bit silly. Apparently, this year’s theme for the Super Bowl is “everyone is a hero.”

A Wicked Rippah By Da Habah (Very Long Teaser)

In what is easily the longest teaser commercial of the bunch, comedian Rachel Dratch teaches baseball player David Ortiz how to speak with a Bostonian accent. It does not go well, and apparently, this is a commercial for the car company Hyundai.

MC Hammer Can’t Touch This (Teaser)

How did MC Hammer write “U Can’t Touch This?” Aside from a little help from a sample of “Super Freak” by Rick James, Cheetos was involved. This is just a taste though. The full commercial will air during the Super Bowl.

Lil Nas X Doritos (Teaser)

Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus burned up the music charts with “Old Town Road,” and now, they’re starring in the latest old west Doritos commercial, and you can watch the teaser above. The full commercial will air during the Super Bowl.

Mountain Dew Channels The Shining (Teaser)

Mountain Dew has a new product, and to debut it, the teaser is doing a brief take on the classic Stanley Kubrick movie, The Shining. The full commercial will air during the Super Bowl.

Avocados From Mexico (Teaser)

For the past few years, Avocados from Mexico’s commercials have been pretty funny. In the teaser, a woman puts a tiara on an avocado. It’s weird, but it works, and now, that jingle is stuck in my head. The full commercial will air during the Super Bowl.

#MakeSpaceForWomen (Teaser)

Makeup company Olay is making space for women. Why are they doing this? Well, we won’t know until the full trailer hits during this year’s Super Bowl.

Pop Tarts Freak Out (Teaser)

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness is very unhappy with catering on whatever set he’s working on. Did I replay the opening of this teaser to hear him say, “Time for this snack to get a snack” over and over again because it’s hilarious? Yes, yes I did. The full commercial will air during the Super Bowl.

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